1./ How to install I-lite

When you first insert your I-lite disk into the CDROM drive of your computer you should get a box that looks very similar to the one below:







Note: If this box does not come up on the screen when you insert the I-lite Patient Management disk into your CD ROM drive, please call I-Optic technical support for help. 


The next newsletters / tutorials contain:

The following tutorial topics outline your quickest path to success:


  1. I-lite installation and customisation.
  2. Set-up the paper header-advanced. Enter a patient / find a patient.
  3. Enter a recall letter - set up recall letters - mail recall letters.
  4. Set up your stock database.
  5. Enter a stock invoice from a supplier. The quick and simple method.

    Getting serious:

  7. Sell frames / lenses / print receipts / do your first banking.
  8. Check your GST stock settings / re-price your frames/sunglasses. / Become a tax collector.

    When your staff knows the above functions:

  10. Enter a prescription. / Back up your data.
  11. Post GST - pay suppliers.
  12. Set up book keeping and enter first expenses.


With your trial version of I-lite you receive 3 months free telephone support plus free training at our Penrith offices. As demand is high, please call (02) 4722 9255 to book your training session now!

Our support phone is manned 9:30am to 5:00pm EST. If it is possible, please be in front of your computer when you call, as this will make your call more productive.