Where do I get the I-lite software?

Enclosed in the last issue of the "Eye Talk Reference Guide" was your fully working trial version of our I-lite Patient Management software.

So, take another look at the CD.

Our aim is to make your changeover to the GST, as smooth as possible. Included with this letter is the first tutorial.

Ten others will follow. One every week up to the end of the financial year and two more in the first weeks of July.



Our newsletters/tutorials will guide you through the successful integration of the I-lite Patient Management software into your practice. If you havenít received your trial copy of the I-lite Patient Management software, call us on:

1800 635 222 or email us at ioptic@zip.com.au

and we will send you a CD, free of charge.




How do I buy I-lite ?

The I-lite program will work for 3 months after installation (taking you beyond the start of the new financial year). After this program will cease to function and you will require an unlock code. Donít Worry!! All of your valuable records will be safe and there is no need to re-key information.


The registered version of the program costs just $220 inc Gst or $440 per year for the network version.