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Healthy eyes need the right mix of nutrition, fabulous eye care and of course prescribing and dispensing a healthy mix of advanced ophthalmic technology to bring out the best of your prescriptions....

We all want the best for our patients but not everyone has the resources behind them to compete in a busy Eyecare market.
I-optic offers lens choices that compete with the best. We make and supply lenses for every market. Be it those who are budget conscious, or those driven by the desire to only dispense, buy and wear the best... we have it all...

Ophthalmic optics is a truly exciting international industry.
Every country has natural advantages in labour, technology, production speed and distribution. Highly successful ophthalmic entrepreneurs have built empires on it, whilst smaller practitioners frequently suffer the adverse effects of international competition.
I-optic brings the ophthalmic world to your door in the form of ophthalmic excellent high-tech inexpensive lenses. 

  • Patients don't buy a brand- they buy what you recommend!
  • Small ophthalmic practices lose business because they are uncompetitive.
  • Many practitioners pay up to 40% more for stock than their competitors.
  • All independent practitioners could do with a good holiday!
  • Many practitioners can have an instantly better bottom line if they switch to I-optic lenses.